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Do you have a personal vehicle? Are they registered under certification? If no, then get them done today itself by contacting DVLA services. Now you might be querying that what actually DVLA services are? Do not panic and come let’s take you through the era of driving licensing companies. DVLA has been a form of government based company meant for creating a license for people. The main motto of them is to lessen the list of crimes today that genuinely occurs on roads. Now let’s take you through the process of how these services can be acquired in an easy manner through a single contact over phones.

What Actually Is the DVLA?

Basically, this DVLA is a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency created for allowing people to owe a legal certificate for their vehicles and preserve them from any casualties. Thus you might be thinking how this can be done. The agency issues a license by creating a detailed database of people and also for their vehicles in an organized manner. Previously this company has worked with over 39 offices and now has been spread over the wide area in the UK. Over the period of time DVLA has even introduced the electronic form of license creation for the easiness of customers. But doing all such work would not have been possible if a contact service wouldn’t be available for customers. Eventually, it has made them possible to deal with others at a single time and with great satisfaction.

Explanation Of Responsibilities:

Basically, these DVLA services are a form of executive agencies meant for the department of the transport system for easy maintenance and security. Today a wide scale crime is seen occurring on roads day by day. Thus to tackle them eventually DVLA has thrown some of its responsibilities and priorities over time. Let’s have a look through them:

  • Create a detailed endorsement of customers regarding driving and other actions.
  • Issuing customers with a license photocopy as a legal certification proof.
  • Making your vehicles completely legal by issuing them a certificate and making them legal.
  • At times of selling your old vehicles being licensed, it gets difficult and may take lots of times. Thus DVLA even looks through such matters and makes it easier for you to keep them safe and secured even after they are sold.
  • Eventually, all police and officers are made aware of your vehicle after the paperwork is done.

Other priorities may include safety on roads, efficiency, and growth of revenues and evolving of technologies over time.


Using a DVLA services either directly or through phones may both be secure and safe for customers. Eventually, their initiative to serve people with a safety on roads has been properly fulfilled in a proper manner. If you are searching for best-licensing agencies, then nothing could be better than these DVLA services in your own city. Just go and grab them in a simple, easy go manner with the best satisfactory results today. Don’t forget to get your car insured! Use the AXA car insurance phone number.

Contact With DVLA Customer Care And Learn More About Some Of The Tips For Driving!

In today’s world having a driving license is very important. Getting a proper driving license for your vehicle is very hard. However, with the guidance of DVLA,it will not seem hard. However, eve in the case of DVLA if you do not follow a few simple steps, then it might seem just as hard. The main motive O DVLA is to prepare you to your best so that you can perform just as good as any other participant. Now, it is mandatory to work hard. If you do not work hard, then you will not be able to take part in anything.

The Written Exam

This part is one of the most difficult parts. People often fail to succeed in this one. This is one of the most preliminary steps. If you pass this one, then you are worthy to be a driver and thus, it will become very easy for you to get a driving license. However, if you think that this is the only test you will need to pass, then you are wrong. This is often followed by something that is called a hands on driving test. This is more of a practical exam.

Getting your Driving Licence

The Practical Exam

Before you take on this exam, you will have to go over your basics. Learn a few techniques that are very basic in nature. For instance, taking a sharp turn, parking in a confined space, simple techniques can help you pass your exam well.

Prepare yourself for the examination by reading books on driving and start getting yourself acquainted with the basic techniques of driving. Getting introduced to the traffic rules is the most important criteria you need. DVLA will always be there to guide you throughout the entire procedure.

While You Are Taking The Exam

There are a few DVLA tips that you need to follow to bring successful result in your exam. For instance, while giving the exam, you need to read the questions thoroughly and nicely. This will allow you to have a good understanding of the questions. Sometimes, there is a hidden meaning behind every question. All you need to do is understand the meaning properly.

The best tip would be to answer the question in a relaxed and calm manner.

While Taking The Practical Test

Even if you pass the written exam and fail to pass the driving test, then you will not be able to fully acquire the driving license. Only if you accomplish the driving test, only then you will be viewed as a proper candidate for the license. Now, make it a point to learn the basic techniques well. Only the basic techniques as a driver are checked during the exam. If you do not have that capability, then you are not fit for a driving license.

Safety Tips

The best tip to accomplish in the tips is to keep in mind the safety tips. Keep them in mind and implement them as you go along. Thus, if you can consult some of the previous examinees, then you can take some tips from them.

A New Way To Track Your Driving License Info Online With DVLA

Have you recently lost your driving license? Don’t worry DVLA is here to help you. It is the governmental organization in the UK. They have the full database of all the drivers and vehicles. It is very easy to get a new license or a replacement license with the help of DVLA.

About DVLA

DVLA stands for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. It was established in the year of 1930 by the Department of Transport. They have an advanced model of A database which has information on more than 44 million drivers and 36 million vehicles. They do the work with the help of Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) technique. You can pay taxes, apply for a new license, or report anything related to vehicle or driving license.


What Are The Services Provided By DVLA?

DVLA has 24 hours automated helpline. You can contact DVLA for the following issues

  • Getting new driving license
  • Applying for lost, damaged or stolen driving license.
  • For updating your record
  • Sell or buy private registration plates
  • Report of untaxed vehicle
  • Issue of blue badges for physically disabled drivers
  • Updating records of your vehicle
  • Checking the license of some other person hiring your vehicle
  • Even you can file a complaint

All the process can be done online or by the help of postal service. The online method takes lesser time than the postal service method. All the above services require different fees. If you are using the online method you will have to use your debit or credit card, on the other hand when you are using the postal method; you must have to send them a cheque along with your application.

How To Get A New License With The Help Of DVLA?

There are three categories of driving license, which is based on the vehicles like car, mopeds, and motorcycle. You will have to apply using your government gateway id. If you still don’t have one, then you must get yourself registered. You will have to be a resident of Great Britain. The minimum age requirement is 15 years and 9 months. You can start driving a car when you will be 17, or you can drive a moped by 16. You must meet the minimum eye site requirement. You should have a valid passport, National insurance number and address proof where you have lived for 3 years.

You will have to apply it online. They will validate your details and send you a confirmation mail. You can also apply it by postal means by filling out a form.

Renew Your License

You can also call DVLA helpline for renewing your license. You will have to renew it every 10 years. It takes about a week to renew your license. You will have to return your old license, once you get the new one. It requires the same documents as the previous one. In the case of lost or stolen driving license, you will have to file a police report.